guile-cairo 1.10.0 released
Daniel Llorens
2018-10-01 18:35:43 UTC
I'm pleased to announce the release of guile-cairo 1.10.0.

guile-cairo (https://www.nongnu.org/guile-cairo) is a set of bindings for Cairo, the 2D graphics library (https://cairographics.org). The current version of guile-cairo wraps the Cairo 1.10 API, but it works with later versions as well.

This is a maintenance release. The previous release 1.4, dating from 2011, seems to be the current version on most distros. Version 1.10 adds support for Cairo 1.6 up to 1.10 and fixes a number of bugs. Most of these changes were already implemented in the prerelease version 1.9.91. Please check the NEWS file for details.

I've only been able to test the library with Cairo 1.14 and Guile 2.2, but it should work at least with Cairo >= 1.10 and Guile >= 1.8. If you find any bugs, you can report them here:


Please report any errors in the documentation as well. The documentation generation system is broken at the moment and it's possible that the documentation has become outdated in places. However I didn't want that to hold a release that is much overdue.


Daniel Llorens


Grab the archive for this release from


You can get the key used to sign the release with

gpg --recv-keys 2E7C77C522EB8436D72320679DDCEF35D262CD87

Verify the download with

gpg --verify guile-cairo-1.10.0.tar.gz.sig guile-cairo-1.10.0.tar.gz
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